DOJ Quietly Removed Witness from Trial by Framing Her As Informant

Jen Loh was scheduled to be a defense witness in the Proud Boys trial for their activities on the January 6 US Capital protest and is being charged with “seditious conspiracy,” a charge not used since the Civil War. 

Loh has provided information to the FBI on Antifa activities for several years. She claims she has never offered any information concerning the Proud Boys to the FBI, but the media and the prosecution disagree. 

The defense also questioned Loh regarding her relationship with Oath Keepers leader Stewart Rhodes. She said she did not know the Oath Keepers but had met Rhodes.

In 2021, The FBI paid Loh for camera security about threats from the domestic terrorist group Antifa. Her signature documenting her video footage classified her as a “Confidential Human Resource” of the FBI.

The CHR and FBI connection punched a big hole in the defense. Twelve hours before she was scheduled to testify, she was pulled off the witness list when the prosecution revealed she was a CHR for the FBI. The defense thought this new information would taint her testimony and decided not to put her on the stand. 

Even though Loh had never spoken to the FBI concerning the Proud Boys or their activities, the news media ran the story with incorrect information that Loh was connected to the Proud Boys and could be a biased witness.

An anonymous source called it a “kangaroo court” and said the government framed a patriotic American to further their case. Excluding witnesses who might be able to exonerate an accused and give pertinent facts about January 6 is going too far. 

Loh said she regretted the situation and only wanted to help in any way possible, and this courtroom manipulation is what happened. 

Now the trial is in the hands of the jury, and Loh, wrongfully framed as an FBI informant, will be forced to watch the outcome from the sidelines.