DOJ Misses Deadline To Reveal Reasons Behind Targeting Of Parents

( )- Remember that disturbing memo from the National School Board Association to the Department of Justice, which prompted far-left Attorney General Merrick Garland to promise assistance from the FBI and the DOJ to deal with “domestic terrorist” parents who opposed teaching Critical Race Theory in schools?

Well, after the memo came to light, the Senate Judiciary Committee demanded that Garland hand over information that prompted him to issue the memo calling for an investigation by the Department of Justice into the behavior of concerned parents at school board meetings all over the country.

Last week, Garland said that he would comply with the demand – but he has yet to hand that information over by the November 1 deadline that was established by Republican senators.

On the day that Garland testified before the committee, eight Republican committee members sent a letter to him calling for all information and letters that inspired the memo.

The senators who put the November 1 deadline in place said that they chose the date as it was precisely five days after the hearing. They figure that because he was able to “distill” his evidence and craft a memo that “fixed the faze of the FBI directly on concerned parents” in just four years, then he should be able to provide all relevant evidence in the same period of time.

Sounds fair, doesn’t it?

But Senators Ben Sasses, Charles Grassley, Mike Lee, Tom Cotton, Thom Tillis, Lindsey Graham, Marsha Blackburn, and John Kennedy never received that information.

During the hearing, Garland repeatedly insisted that the letter from the NSBA wasn’t the only thing that prompted him to write the memo, leading senators to rightly ask…what else was it?

And why isn’t he providing that information readily?