DOJ Chooses To NOT Investigate Countless Deaths By Mismanagement In Blue States

( )- In a stunning decision, last week the Biden Justice Department announced that it would not be opening investigations into violations of the Civil Rights of Institutionalize Persons Act (CRIPA) by Michigan, New York or Pennsylvania for those state’s reckless order to return COVID-positive seniors to nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

Tens of thousands of Americans needlessly died when Governors Gretchen Whitmer, Andrew Cuomo, and Tom Wolf ordered nursing homes to readmit COVID patients. Cuomo is currently being investigated in New York, both for the order and for covering up the true number of deaths.

But for Biden’s DOJ, these mass murderers get a pass.

In a letter to Governor Whitmer, Steven Rosenbaum, chief of the DOJ’s Special Litigation Section, wrote that based on a review of the information provided by the Governor’s office, the DOJ would not open a CRIPA investigation of any nursing home facilities in Michigan “at this time.”

In August of last year the Trump Department of Justice announced that it was requesting all information from four Democrat-led states (New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Michigan) citing their policies requiring nursing homes to accept COVID-infected patients.

At the time, Trump’s Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division Eric Dreiband said that protecting the rights of the most vulnerable members of society is “one of our country’s most important obligations.”

Apparently Biden’s DOJ feels differently. Instead of protecting the country’s most vulnerable, they are protecting the country’s most vulnerable Democrat governors.

On Friday, the DOJ sent a similar letter to House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) letting him know that the agency would not be opening investigations into the nursing home policies in New York, Michigan or Pennsylvania.

The investigation into New Jersey is currently ongoing.

As with the letter to Whitmer, this letter to Scalise said that, after reviewing the information, the DOJ decided not to open a CRIPA investigation into any nursing homes within New York, Pennsylvania, or Michigan “at this time.”

It is difficult not to conclude that this is a politically-motivated decision on the part of the Biden Justice Department. One can’t help but wonder if, had the governor been Ron DeSantis or Greg Abbott, would the DOJ have refused to move forward?