DOJ Already Preparing To Go After Trump If He Runs

( )- Trump is anticipated to make his 2024 presidential bid official following the November elections.

He is also purportedly the subject of most investigations worldwide. If Trump campaigns for office again in 2024, the Justice Department may appoint a special prosecutor to harass him.

CNN claims that the DOJ has consulted a “brain trust” for guidance on the Trump investigations.

Joe Biden’s corrupt DOJ will be Trump’s biggest challenge in 2024 since the Democrats do not have a strong candidate to defeat him.

In other words, because Biden is a moron and almost nobody likes Kamala Harris, Biden’s DOJ will oppose Trump in 2024.

To insulate Joe Biden from any culpability, Biden’s DOJ is considering appointing a special counsel. That way, if the government indicts Trump, Joe Biden could hold up his hands and claim he had nothing to do with the situation.

According to sources familiar with the situation, Justice Department officials have discussed whether the need for a special counsel to oversee two extensive federal investigations relating to the former president would arise if Donald Trump decides to run for president again after the midterm elections.

In order to be prepared for any decisions made after the midterm elections, including the potential historical action of indicting a former president, the Justice Department is also bolstering its investigations with seasoned prosecutors.

An active presidential candidate being indicted would undoubtedly set off a political avalanche. In addition, although no decision has been made regarding the potential need for a special counsel, DOJ officials have discussed whether doing so could shield the Justice Department from claims that Joe Biden’s administration is pursuing his main political rival, according to people familiar with the situation.

People with knowledge of the actions claim that the Justice Department has hired a brain trust to provide high-level guidance on the Trump investigations.

Top Justice officials have turned to an old guard of former Southern District of New York prosecutors, bringing into the investigations David Raskin, a federal prosecutor based in Kansas City and an expert in national security, as well as David Rody, a prosecutor-turned-defense attorney who had previously specialized in gang and conspiracy cases and had extensive experience working with government cooperators.