DOJ Agents Investigating Random Murder At Airport Railway

( )- Following a police shootout that resulted in an armed man – who was holding two handguns – being killed at San Francisco Airport on Thursday, an investigation by the Department of Justice has officially begun.

San Francisco International Airport spokesman Doug Yakel told the press that police responded to a report of an armed suspect close to the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) station at roughly 7:30am on Thursday morning. Upon arrival, officers attempted to deescalate, but the man continued being aggressive.

Officers first used beanbag bullets to stop the man, but he continued advancing towards the officers while armed. It was at this point that the officers were forced to fire lethal shots.

It is still unclear where the officers shot him, and how many times he was shot. It’s also unknown how many police officers were involved in the shootout.

The Department of Justice investigation will determine not just why the man was there and why he was armed, which will involve exploring his history and speaking to family and friends, but it will also determine whether the officers acted appropriately when firing at the man.

The investigation was started as a result of Assembly Bill 1506, a piece of legislation passed in 2020 that offers a procedure for the state of California to investigate incidents relating to an officer-involved shooting that results in the death of an unarmed civilian. And while he was technically armed, an interesting revelation about the guns the man was carrying was revealed late last week.

It turns out that they were airsoft guns.

“They examined the matter and they were airsoft guns, not firearms,” District Attorney Stephen Wagstaffe confirmed to the press.