“Died Suddenly” Documentary Is Going Viral With 11 Million Views

(RoyalPatriot.com )- Professional embalmers and funeral directors have publicly said something peculiar is occurring in their line of work, which entails determining the cause of death for the deceased.

Died Suddenly is a new documentary that features the voices of those who examine dead bodies from the inside to discover the cause of death or prepare them for final rites of passage. These individuals claim that what they have recently observed in dead bodies is unusual.

To the creators of the most recent Stew Peters show, what a few embalmers and funeral directors claim to have discovered in numerous deceased bodies is shocking. The film depicts blood clots and “dirty blood” in gruesome detail.

Over 10 million people have watched Died Suddenly in a short time, making it one of the most significant and influential documentaries about COVID-19. The movie investigates any associations between vaccinations and the sharp increase in fatal blood clots.

According to the former head of the Michigan Board of Examiners and a representative from Michigan State, Rodney Wakeman, embalmers have degrees in mortuary science and are instructed to view themselves as a vital component of public health.

Wakeman stated to Congress in 2020 that protecting public health is a crucial responsibility of funeral directors. A practitioner is a final defense against contagious diseases spreading among the general populace.

The House committee was still reviewing the reforms during the COVID-19 health crisis. The documentary was inspired by a sharp rise in the number of headlines over the last two years that begin with the phrase “died suddenly.”

The makers of the popular documentary, which has received over 10 Million views in less than a week, noticed something quite peculiar in the comments made by people like Bill Gates about overpopulation and how he wants to reduce the world’s population through things like vaccines.

After that, several inquiries into the sharp rises in all-cause mortality were made.

The documentary also noted the corporate press’s refusal to consider the possibility of a connection between the rise in fatalities and vaccines, dismissing any and all attempts to find out as “conspiracy theories.”

Given how well-liked the movie is, it would seem that those labels are losing their potency quickly.

You can watch the complete episode of Died Suddenly on Rumble.