Dianne Feinstein Reaches New Health Milestone At 90 Years Old

Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) has been a senator for over 31 years, and she has received a salary from the government paid for by the taxpayers for all but a few years since 1970.

The senator turned 90 on Thursday, and CNN ran a lengthy article on how she’s been neglecting her health and work.

According to CNN’s senior journalist Edward-Isaac Dovere, the network interviewed every California representative in the House and found that few of them had positive things to say about Feinstein, who they portrayed as uncaring and uninterested in the concerns facing Californians.

They want her to be an active colleague who can advise and work with others to solve problems. They’re angry about it, and several have told CNN’s Anna Dovere that their people aren’t getting the representation they expected from their senior senator.

For some time now, Feinstein has been disconnected. Feinstein had shingles in March, and the virus quickly spread to her face and neck, paralyzing her face and leaving her with impaired vision and a loss of balance.

In addition to causing a case of encephalitis, the virus also causes a person to have sleep disturbances, disorientation, mood swings, trouble walking, and issues with their long-term memory or language.

Feinstein returned to the Senate halfway through May, this time in a wheelchair and with paralysis on the left side of her face, including a nearly closed eye. As she was pushed through the Senate’s marble halls, she appeared confused. She was heard muttering about something being in her eye,

Even though Feinstein has been more irrelevant over the past decade, she has had the unwavering support of the mainstream media. But CNN went after her, showing that liberals are no longer on her side.

According to a month-long survey, most people in the state believe Feinstein should step down.

Sixty-three percent of respondents to an Inside California Politics/Emerson College study believe she should resign, while 37 percent think she should remain in office. The same survey revealed that 48% of respondents did not approve of Feinstein’s job.

Feinstein has already announced that she will not run in 2024; therefore, her tenure will finish in January 2025.