Devon Archer Speaks With Tucker Carlson

Last week, Tucker Carlson interviewed former Hunter Biden business partner Devon Archer following Archer’s closed-door testimony before the House Oversight Committee, the Daily Caller reported.

In his testimony last Monday, Archer revealed that Hunter placed his father Joe Biden on speakerphone during phone meetings with his foreign business associates on more than 20 occasions.

When discussing the president’s involvement in Hunter’s foreign deals, Carlson suggested that Joe Biden must have known that these people were Hunter’s business partners and understood that he was part of what Hunter was selling to them.

Archer said that at some dinners and meetings Joe Biden attended, he was aware that the other people were business associates of Hunter.

He conceded that having the vice president get on a business call was “pretty impactful stuff,” adding later that it was “the pinnacle of power in DC.”

Carlson also confronted Archer about the January 2011 letter from Joe Biden in which the then-vice president apologized to Archer for not being able to meet with him because he couldn’t get away from a meeting with former Chinese President Hu.

Archer said when he got the letter, he felt as if he “hit the jackpot,” but added that over time he realized that getting “too close to the sun ends up burning you.”

In Part Two of the interview released on Friday, Carlson dives into Archer’s personal life and background and how he got entangled with the Biden family.

Archer told Carlson that when he first got into business with Hunter, he thought it would be profitable since Hunter and his “strategic team” had a lot of connections in Washington. He said he thought they could get a military contract since Hunter knew so many people from the Pentagon.

Carlson also pressed Archer about their dealings with Ukrainian gas company Burisma Holdings, asking him why Western powers would want to determine who Ukraine’s chief prosecutor is. Archer conceded that this is “a good question,” but added that he didn’t know the answer.