DeSantis Tells DC Republicans “No Time for Boneless Wonders”

( )- Speaking on Tuesday evening in Washington, DC, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis called out establishment Republicans saying the country doesn’t have time for “boneless wonders.”

During his firebrand speech at the 2021 Daily Caller News Foundation Gala, DeSantis also ripped the corporate news media, arguing that despite all the lies they peddled over the RussiaGate hoax, none of them has ever apologized for it. He hammered the media for gaslighting and smearing people and attacking the truth-tellers who threaten their power.

He pointed out that the media that attacks anyone questioning the 2020 election is the same media that never accepted President Trump’s victory in 2016. He slammed the media over their naked partisanship which he said they use to “create a blizzard of lies” in order to blind the American people from seeing the truth.

DeSantis said that in times like these, “there is no substitute for courage.” He urged courage “in the face of a dishonest press,” but also called for courage to stand up to cancel culture and to speak up for the Americans who “don’t have a voice.”

The governor recounted a story Winston Churchill told during England’s appeasement of Hitler where Churchill described a side-show act called “the boneless wonder.” Churchill then asked where is this boneless wonder now? He is in the “front row of the House of Commons.”

DeSantis then said that now is not the time for boneless wonders in Washington. If Republicans get elected, DeSantis said, they need to stand up. They must remain strong in their convictions. And if they are, if Republicans stand up and remain strong, “there are millions and millions of people out there that will be with you forever.”

DeSantis concluded his speech by vowing “keep walking the line” and standing his ground. “I am not backing down,” DeSantis said.

Then, pointing to all the accomplishments his administration has done in Florida, DeSantis told the crowd, “I’ve only begun to fight.”

Watch DeSantis’ speech HERE.