Derek Chauvin Asks Court To Overturn Ex-Husband’s Conviction

( )- Kellie Chauvin, a former beauty pageant queen who is now 48 years old, has maintained her silence ever since her ex-husband kneeled on George Floyd’s neck for more than nine minutes, which led to Floyd’s death and sparked violent riots around the country.

Kellie claims that Derek Chauvin, a former Minneapolis police officer, “ruined” her life, but she is “doing okay” now after getting a divorce, changing her identity, and departing the state of Minnesota. Despite this, she continues to back her ex-husband in his effort to get his conviction overturned.

Derek Chauvin was found guilty of murder, manslaughter, and a federal charge for violating Floyd’s civil rights, and he was sentenced to more than twenty decades in jail for all of these offenses combined.

After tracking Chauvin down in Wisconsin, she was asked if she had stayed in contact with Derek. She said, “no,” she’s moved on.

Derek Chauvin’s ex-wife said the incident “really ruined my life.”  But she said things are going well for her. She said, “you simply have to learn to live with it since it’s not something you can change.”

She said that she has been unable to obtain jobs because of threats, and she was concerned that reporters could track her down because “this is not even my residence.”

A month ago, Derek Chauvin filed an appeal against the state’s convictions, claiming he could not have a fair trial.

When Chauvin’s ex-wife was questioned by reporters whether or not she supported Chauvin’s appeal, she responded with “definitely.”

The reporter followed up by asking her whether she believed the trial was unfair, and she, again, said, “definitely.”

After the reporter asked her whether she thought Derek Chauvin was a racist, she decided not to answer any more of his questions.

“I have a feeling that you are attempting to get me to answer certain questions that I would rather not.” She said she was limited in what she was comfortable saying. She turned and made her way back into the house.