Dennis Rodman Gets Permanent Tattoo On His Face

Dennis Rodman, who once donned a wedding gown to legally marry himself, has now picked a permanent manner to show his sweetheart how much he loves her.  The 62-year-old former athlete, who only recently addressed his detractors online, has a tattoo of his girlfriend’s face on one of his cheeks.

Black Ink Crew Chicago tattoo artisan Van Johnson posted a video of his newest work on Instagram this week.  The clip featured the ex-Chicago Bulls NBA star flaunting his fresh tattoo while sporting bleached locks and Christian Dior eyeglasses.  In the video, his girlfriend, Yella Yella, can be heard squealing with excitement.

Yella Yella told a media outlet that she didn’t come up with the idea of getting the facial tattoo and that she believed Rodman was crazy for wanting it.  She said she told him not to go through with it.  But Rodman said he gave the idea his full support the moment it entered his mind.

His defensive prowess and rebounding skills earned him the title of arguably the best in NBA history, according to his profile on the league’s official website.

NBA teams that have featured Rodman’s services include the San Antonio Spurs, Los Angeles Lakers, Chicago Bulls, Detroit Pistons, and Dallas Mavericks.

In 1999, the flamboyant, tattooed, and pierced NBA star decided to retire.

According to his agent Dwight Manley, Dennis Rodman was no longer interested in playing basketball. Despite interest from other NBA organizations, he decided to end his career.  Manley explained that Rodman aspired to work in the entertainment industry, namely sports related. He had been persuaded by his friends to pursue a career in Hollywood. 

That year, Rodman performed in a wrestling appearance and indicated he was interested in pursuing that career.

He later married Carmen Electra, after which he tried to get an annulment, dated Madonna, flew to Las Vegas to gamble several times a month, and even showed up to his book launch dressed as a woman.

According to a report, Rodman was one of a few Westerners to meet with Kim Jong Un, the dictator of North Korea.  Kim is a dedicated basketball enthusiast who loves the Chicago Bulls and has a particular place in his heart for Rodman.