Dems Beg Biden For Emergency Declaration Over NYC Migrants

There has been a never before seen surge of illegal immigrants into Manhattan, and more than fifty NYC Democrats have written to President Joe Biden pleading with him to declare a “state of emergency” in response to the crisis.

Fifty-four Democrats wrote to Biden demanding that he declare an emergency and fund the city with billions of dollars in federal funding to deal with the influx of more than 90,000 border jumpers and illegal immigrants since the spring of 2022.

Instead of implementing steps to drastically limit illegal immigration over the southern border, Democrats are urging Biden to quickly allow border jumpers and illegal immigrants to compete for work in the United States.

The Democrats were serious when they said, “Our City is at a breaking point.”

New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) has been asking illegal border crossers and illegal immigrants currently in the nation not to move to the city due to a lack of services and housing. Now other Democrats are making a similar pitch.

Late last week, border crossers and illegal immigrants were forced to sleep on the streets of Manhattan as migrant hotels contracted with Adams’ office to house fresh arrivals ran out of accommodation.

Breitbart News revealed one month ago that Adams had began relocating border crossers and illegal immigrants to other states and cities. Adams has long attacked Gregg Abbott (R) for adopting this policy as governor of Texas, calling it “anti-American.”

The sheer number of persons seeking to cross the border illegally and illegal immigrants living in shelters has caused the system’s population to grow by more than 110 percent since Adams took office. Adams has warned that in order for New York City to afford to support new immigrants, public services like meals for the elderly and library hours may be reduced.

Adams believes that New York will have spent more than $4.2 billion on illegal immigrants by the middle of next year, which is about $8 million per day.