Democrats Want To Punish Republican Congressman For “Likely” Violating Rules

( )- Rep. Madison Cawthorn, a firebrand Republican who is serving his first term in Congress, may have violated House rules by bringing a Republican congressional candidate onto the House floor last Tuesday.

Cawthorn brought popular Republican candidate Robby Starbuck onto the House floor by allegedly telling security that he was one of his House staffers.

A Republican lawmaker commented on the scandal, telling The Hill that a candidate walking around the House floor and talking to people is “bizarre.”

Perhaps – but if he didn’t do anything wrong, is it really the worst thing that’s ever happened?

A senior Democratic aide told the same outlet that it is “without a doubt” a violation of the rules, unless special permission was given to Cawthorn or Starbuck by the House sergeant-at-arms.

Under. Rule IV, only a very strict number of people can enter the Hall of the House at any one time – and those eligible to enter include current members of Congress, members of the Cabinet, Supreme Court justices, House staffers (who must be working at the time) and presidents and vice presidents.

Starbuck did not qualify under any of those conditions.

When asked about the matter, Cawthorn declined to comment. The same was true for Starbuck.

It could well be the case that Cawthorn, still being new to the job, doesn’t fully understand the rules – or it could be that Starbuck was looking to get in the news as part of his campaign. Who knows?

Either way, you know the Democrats are going to use this as a way of punishing Cawthorn somehow. It could be a fine, or it could be…something much worse. Given the Democrats’ tendency of stripping people of their committee assignments, Cawthorn could be their next victim.