Democrats Unveil Plan To Strip Presidency Of Powers As They Fear Trump May Return

( )- House Democrats appear to be looking ahead to the possibility of a second Trump administration, with far-left House speaker Nancy Pelosi joining other Democrat lawmakers on Tuesday to announce the introduction of legislation that curtails the power of the president.

House Speaker Pelosi was joined by Rep. Adam Schiff of California, who is the chief sponsor of the bill, which is being titled the “Protecting Our Democracy Act.”

Notice how they always use language to falsely attribute characteristics to extremist legislation? This is by no means an effort to protect democracy, and nor is their “For the People Act” a piece of legislation that benefits the people.

Without making any specific reference to President Donald Trump’s unconstitutional acts – which there is no evidence he has ever even committed – Pelosi said that they are taking action to ensure that “no president of whatever party can ever assume that he or she has the power to usurp the power of the other branches of government.”

In short, she wants to make sure the House has more control when a president isn’t doing what she wants him to do.

She’s probably mad that she couldn’t stand in the way of funding the wall. President Donald Trump famously diverted $3.8 billion in Pentagon funding to pay for the wall, citing the obvious fact that mass migration of illegals over the border was a national security risk.

Under the Democrats’ new bill, the president’s pardon power would be limited, presidents would be required to provide their tax records, and a deadline for prosecuting former presidents and vice presidents for federal crimes while committed in office will be extended.

Do you see what they’re doing here?

The new legislation will effectively make it easy for Pelosi to force Trump to release his tax returns, and to prosecute him on non-crimes she accuses him of.

They’re so scared of Trump coming back that the Democrats are proposing legislation that will make it significantly easier for them to punish him when he does.