Democrats Think Kamala Harris Will Lead Them In Midterms

( )- The White House appears to be acutely aware of Vice President Kamala Harris’ total inability to do the job she’s supposed to do. After failing to solve the border crisis by dealing with the “root causes,” and suffering plummeting approval ratings, the White House appears to have moved the former California Senator to the background in the hope that the people will just forget about her.

But there is one thing she might still be good for, and that’s rallying the Democrats’ far-left base.

According to a report by The Hill, Democrats are expecting the Vice President to be a “major player” in getting that base motivated as we head into the 2022 midterm elections.

Harris is expected to play a substantial role in those efforts both through fundraising and appearing at campaign rallies.

She won’t be winning over any Republicans, but she might just motivate enough far-left voters to turn out and vote for a party led by an aging, senile, straight, white man.

Without Kamala Harris in the White House, and with President Donald Trump out of the way, the Democrats would have no reason to vote for the party of Joe Biden in 2022!

The Hill suggests that Democrats see Harris as “uniquely positioned” to help drive up turnout among women and young people, who they think will be crucial to Democrats maintaining their majorities in the House and Senate.

However, if history is anything to go by, the Republicans have the edge in this election. Incumbent parties typically perform badly in midterm elections – and combined with Biden’s horrendous record on the economy and the border so far, there are lots of reasons even for Democrats to turn out and vote Republican.

Celinda Lake, a Democrat pollster who worked for the Biden campaign, told The Hill that Harris is “popular with the base” and particularly with young people.

“Between turnout and swing independent women, I would think she would be quite aggressive because of her own appeal and popularity,” Lake said.

Popular with the base but hugely unpopular with…the entire rest of the country.

Still think she’s the candidate in waiting for 2024?