Democrats Struggle To Energize Base as Frustrations Mount

( )- In a report over the weekend, the New York Times tossed some cold water on the Democrat Party’s hopes for the 2022 Midterm election.

It must be bad for the Democrats if the New York Times is raising the alarm.

According to the Times, Democrats throughout the party are warning the White House and Congressional leadership that they’re losing support among their most loyal voters. These Democrats warn that the base is “unsatisfied and unmotivated” at a time when the party needs to build up support heading into the midterm elections.

Even passing the so-called bipartisan infrastructure spending bill isn’t translating into rising approval or enthusiasm among the base. According to the New York Times, Democrat voters are frustrated that the White House has been so singularly focused on the Infrastructure bill and the massive Build Back Better spending plan that it is all but ignoring other issues important to the base like “expanding voting rights,” criminal justice reform, abortion, the minimum wage, and immigration reform.

In other words, the radical base doesn’t believe the Democrats have been radical enough.

Even the massive “Build Back Better” bill is leaving the base unhappy. They’re bothered that the Democrats are going to “further dilute” the bill just to give Biden a legislative win.

They also believe President Biden has failed to keep his central promise of “healing divisions.”

And while moderate districts worry about losing the swing voters, many Democrat strategists are more concerned that the failures of both the White House and Congressional Democrats failures will drive away not just swing voters, but reliable Democrat voters as well.

These strategists argue that there has been an “erosion” among “crucial segments” of the Democrat Party’s traditional coalition of voters that poses an even greater risk to the upcoming midterm elections which are already looking pretty grim.

Among blacks, Latinos, younger voters, and women, President Biden’s approval numbers have taken a nosedive. These are considered the Democrat Party’s core constituencies. Losing them, even by a few percentage points, would be disastrous.

But the problem isn’t just frustration and disappointment with Joe Biden; according to the New York Times, the Democrat base is frustrated and disappointed in the whole party.

While Republicans might read this article and smile approvingly, it is clear that the New York Times is beside itself with worry.