Democrats’ Plans To House Migrants in Citizens’ Homes Thwarted

An Illinois suburb made the decision not to go ahead with a plan to have people shelter illegal aliens in their homes after a councilman’s proposal to put up a sign-up sheet went viral and received widespread attention.

Naperville, a wealthy suburb west of Chicago, has investigated the possibility of its citizens volunteering to take in migrants in their houses. This was done in response to worries that the difficulties Chicago is experiencing in housing migrants may spread to the suburbs.

Local news reported that municipal officials decided that it was not essential for residents of Naperville to sign up for the program since federal and state agencies were compiling lists of facilities for migrants who required accommodation.

Josh McBroom, a member of the city council, made news earlier this month when he participated in a debate at a council meeting on January 16 about what his community ought to do if a flood of illegal immigrants came into their area, similar to what has happened in other surrounding towns.

A recording of McBroom’s remarks went viral on various social media platforms.

In an interview with Fox News Digital, he said he felt obligated to bring up the topic he thought his fellow council members were avoiding. He added that his plan was directed toward the citizens whose voting was responsible for the open border policy implemented under the Biden administration.  He said they are voting for candidates who have advocated for maintaining an open border policy. McBroom remarked it was voted on by more than half of the town’s residents.  Will they provide help?  Because we aren’t spending money that comes from taxes on it.

The local media claimed that other council members, Paul Leong, Nate Wilson, and Jennifer Bruzan Taylor, favored McBroom’s plan. Before the idea goes back to the council for debate at a subsequent meeting, it will now be subjected to a more thorough review by the staff.

A report suggests it would be fascinating to see the number of residents who use this chance if the whole city council approves McBroom’s plan. An examination of history reveals that those who lean left are all rhetoric and no action.