Democrats Just Released An Ad Mocking Trump’s Infrastructure

( )- With so few accomplishments under their belt, the Democrats are being forced to promote the infrastructure spending bill that only passed because some Republicans voted for it.

The DNC has launched a new ad campaign celebrating Biden securing an infrastructure bill while mocking former President Donald Trump for his failure to get infrastructure spending passed through Congress.

The DNC video, which includes statements from Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign promising a nationwide infrastructure program, was released on the fourth anniversary of the unveiling of President Trump’s failed infrastructure proposal.

Trump released the $1.5 trillion plan shortly after his first State of the Union address. But the plan was quickly overshadowed by the media’s focus on the resignation of former White House staff secretary Rob Porter who had been accused by two ex-wives of physical abuse.

And after using Trump’s own words against him, the DNC ad then shifts to Joe Biden and his successful push for the bipartisan $1.2 trillion infrastructure law.

In a statement promoting the campaign ad, DNC spokeswoman Adonna Biel boasted that it took four years and the election of Joe Biden to deliver on Donald Trump’s broken promise on infrastructure spending. Biel bragged that Joe Biden was able to garner bipartisan support while Donald Trump could not. And thanks to Glorious Leader Joe’s rolling up his sleeves, America will have new roads, bridges, and thousands of good-paying jobs.

Watch the DNC ad HERE.

It seems like a stupid decision to run a midterm campaign ad that attacks a guy who isn’t running in the midterms.

But all the Democrats have is Trump.

It isn’t the Republicans who are unable to move past Donald Trump; it’s the Democrats.

But if the Virginia governor’s race is any indication, running against Donald Trump when Donald Trump isn’t on the ballot won’t work out the way the Democrats hope.