Democrats Call For Advising Children About Gender Behind Parent’s Backs

Rasmussen reports that fewer than half of Democrat voters (44%) are against schools educating youngsters on sexual orientation and gender identity without parental agreement.

When asked if educators should be allowed to coach students on their gender and sexuality without parental authorization or consent, many said they should not. 

Sixty percent or more of Americans have voiced their opposition to schools advising students without informing their parents.

Twenty-six percent of those polled in the U.S. agreed that school personnel should be permitted to advise pupils on gender matters without parental awareness, while fourteen percent stated they did not know enough to comment.

Among Republicans, 75% oppose schools coaching kids on these subjects without parental approval, while 64% of independents share this view.

Sixty-five percent of women opposed schools bypassing parents, but only 55 percent of men did.

The survey also inquired as to whether or not participants thought there were just two sexes (male and female). Seventy-two percent of Republicans and 54 percent of independents believe there are just two genders, while only 47% of Democrats share this view.

A recent study found that 62 percent of Americans favor legislation that makes it illegal for adolescents to have gender reassignment surgery.

According to a report published by Parents Defending Education, more than 17 thousand public schools in grades K-12 around the nation allow students to use their chosen pronouns. Teachers and administrators often have to keep students’ gender transition a secret from their families.

According to a report, public school administrators in western Massachusetts were criticized by a federal court for failing to inform parents about their children’s attempts at gender change, but the parents’ case against the schools and its governing board was ultimately rejected.

While the school district’s policy was flawed and opposite to unenforceable state direction on how to deal with pupils who announce a gender shift, the judge ruled that the parents’ situation did not “shock the conscience” and therefore did not warrant a claim for due process under the Fourteenth Amendment.