Democrats Blame Racism for Virginia Loss

( )- As soon as it became clear that Glenn Youngkin would become the next Governor of Virginia, the media deployed “racism” as the reason Democrats lost.

Youngkin used “racist dog whistles,” the furious Democrat scribes declared. His campaign’s focus on Critical Race Theory and Parents’ Rights were Youngkin’s way of signaling to all the racists in Virginia that he was one of them.

It’s laughable to be sure, but, they were pretty miffed that McAuliffe lost.

An apoplectic Nicolle Wallace even tried to link Youngkin to the January 6 “insurrectionists.” Calling Youngkin a “Trump insurrection-endorsed Republican,” she claimed he exploited Critical Race Theory, which she said isn’t real, to get suburban voters to support him.

In other words, the media handled a Republican victory with all the grace and objectivity you’d expect from these guys.

Democrats and the media spent the entire campaign trying to get the racism label to stick to Glenn Youngkin. So desperate were they to paint him as a racist Trump clone that Virginia Democrats, working with the odious Lincoln Project staged several tiki-torch holding Democrat operatives at a Youngkin campaign stop last week.

The stunt backfired spectacularly and left the Democrats scrambling to distance themselves from it.

But what they tried to do in Virginia is just the beginning.

The Virginia race was a test run for the strategy Democrats plan to use during the 2022 Midterm elections.

Rather than campaign on their unpopular agenda, the Democrats will smear every Republican candidate in the exact same way they attempted to smear Glenn Youngkin. They will use the “Racism” attack. They will try to paint every Republican candidate as a Trump clone. And they will invoke the January 6 riot at the Capitol.

If that means smearing every parent as a “white supremacist” simply for opposing radical racialist instruction in public schools, then so be it; that’s what they’ll do.

If Virginia is any indication, they’ll even smear Republican candidates who are black or Hispanic as “white supremacists” and “domestic terrorists.”

It is indisputable that the January 6 riot will hold a prominent place in their campaign strategy as well.

Why do you think they insist on staging this sham select committee investigation into January 6? They need that 3-hour melee to remain front and center in the news throughout the midterm election season.

None of these smears worked against Glenn Youngkin in Virginia. But the Democrats have little else to run on.

So expect to hear a lot about “racist dog whistles,” “Trump” and “January 6” for the next twelve months.