Democrats Behind Plot To Sabotage Their Own Party Member

( )- Democrats are so mad that moderate Democratic Senator Kyrsten Sinema doesn’t support their radical agenda that they’re plotting a major Senate primary campaign to unseat her.

CNBC revealed on Wednesday that Democratic Party donors, including some people who donated to Sinema’s first campaign, are planning to fund a 2024 primary campaign to remove her. Donors cite Sinema’s refusal to vote to end the Senate filibuster and to throw her support behind key extreme Democrat legislative efforts including the unprecedented “Build Back Better” bill and a so-called “voting rights” bill that would make it easier for illegals to vote.

A recent letter sent to Sinema, signed by many of her donors, insisted that she return their donations after she refused to back the Democrats in their efforts to pass the extreme “voting rights” legislation.

“We are terrified about our prospects as a democracy if we do not pass the Freedom to Vote Act and John Lewis VRA Act,” they wrote.

“We believe your prioritization of the filibuster over the passage of these democracy-protecting bills is based on a few false premises,” they added, before claiming that it’s not extreme to pass legislation unilaterally by one party.

The letter also made a number of false assertions not just about Sinema’s actions – which were clearly a defense of democracy – but about the dangerous and unprecedented actions taken by the Democratic Party In Congress over the last year. The letter insisted that they “must draw a line” and that they can no longer in good conscience support Sinema if she refuses to use her office to “protect our fundamental rights to vote.”

She did no such thing of course, but Democrats appear willing to push any kind of conspiracy theory these days if it will help them keep control of government.

You can read the full letter here.

At this rate, Sinema will have plenty of reasons to switch parties and join the Republicans by the time of her 2024 campaign…