Democratic Rep Calls Out Reasons Behind Border Failure

Democrat presidential contender for 2024, Rep. Dean Phillips (D-MN), said on a recent episode of Fox & Friends on the Fox News Channel that the difficulties at the border are not caused by a lack of funding but rather by the defective asylum rules and the enforcement of those laws.

Phillips lamented that the government is ignoring the cries of New Hampshire citizens for relief on a daily basis.  He has a lot of thoughts that lean toward the center-left, and many ideas lean toward the center-right.

Co-host Brian Kilmeade wanted to know what they were.

Phillips said we have a fiscal catastrophe with our southern border.   He went there twice and was aware of the problems; someone needed to take charge.

Kilmeade said Biden asks for money, but money isn’t the point.

Phillips said it was about policy. It’s all about enforcing those policies. He believes our asylum policy needs updating. This nation is not being served by it. Liberals are aware of it. The Republican Party is aware of this. He said no one was ready to take the lead or be brave for fear of losing their election.

Joe Biden’s write-in campaign was successful in the Democrat Primary in New Hampshire. Despite the nation’s struggles with rising taxes and surging inflation, his victory highlights his continued popularity among Democrat supporters.

A substantial chunk of the vote went to Biden, even though he hadn’t joined the New Hampshire primary.

Mainstream news networks reported that Biden’s supporters were victorious against Marianne Williamson,  a self-help author, and Dean Phillips. The early tally of unprocessed write-in ballots showed that Biden had more than three times as many votes as Phillips.

Biden skipped the New Hampshire primary after the DNC moved South Carolina to first place in the presidential nomination schedule. Despite his support for the revised lineup, Biden stayed out of New Hampshire as a candidate.

Phillips predicted that Trump would defeat Joe Biden in 2024 during an appearance on News Nation’s Dan Abrams program in late December.

He let Abrams know that the Democrats are aware of this and are whispering it to each other.