Democrat Mega-Donor Admits Hard Truth About Biden

According to Bill Ackman, a longtime Democrat megadonor and activist, President Joe Biden has reached his end of the road and is now delivering the presidential election to former Republican President Donald J. Trump.

On a recent podcast posted on social media platform X, Ackman said that he thinks Biden is done. He called it humiliating and disgraceful to the country to have him on the ballot, much less in office. It’s an unstable scenario, and it’s just going to get worse.

According to Ackman, the worst part of Biden’s legacy is his ego, which keeps him from stepping down.  Biden refuses to say that he would be a one-term President through choice rather than by vote.  He is not only unsuitable for the office but also giving the election to Trump.

In the podcast, Ackman said that the presidential primary in Michigan on February 27 may serve as a barometer for the general election in November.  Ackman pointed out that Biden is faring poorly in Michigan.  His polling numbers are horrible, and he is not popular.  He has spent very little time there as he has angered the Muslim community. Ackman wondered if an embarrassment in Michigan might push him over the edge and cause him to withdraw.

Ackman also expressed his frustration with Biden’s family, especially with the First Lady Jill Biden.  He believes Biden’s loved ones should convince him that his legacy will be terrible.

Reports indicate that voting “uncommitted” in the Democrat presidential primary was a common tactic among Michigan Democrats who are opposed to Joe Biden’s stance on the Gaza-Israel conflict.

According to local reports, Democrat Rep. Rashida Tlaib spearheaded the action and contacted 87,000 Michiganders by robocall in the days before the primary, pleading with the voters to go out and vote “Uncommitted” in the primary.