Democrat Leader Has Deep Financial Ties To Communist China

( )- Now that CNN’s former president Jeffrey Zucker is out of the picture, after resigning his role over an undisclosed sexual relationship with the network’s top marketing officer Allison Gollust, the boss of CNN’s new parent company is speaking out about the future of the network. And he just gave the game away about the news channel’s extreme left-wing bias.

David Zaslav, the owner of Discovery – a network that will merge with Warner Media this year- told CNBC host that CNN is the “leader in news to the left.”


Speaking to CNBC earlier this month, he described just how much his company has to offer in terms of television programming.

“We have this great entertainment menu which should keep people in the home, from the kids to the grandparents…why would they go anywhere else?” he said.

“And then we’re the leader in news to the left,” he added.

CNN would probably disagree with that. The network likes to consider itself the truthful alternative to “conspiracy theory” networks like Fox News and Newsmax. Brian Stelter certainly wouldn’t admit to being a left-wing news anchor, would he?

He’s reliable! He has sources!

CNBC host Zaslav immediately picked up on the comment and asked if he was talking about CNN having an ideological bias.

“Definitely to the left…did you say to the left?” Kernan said. “You probably shouldn’t have said that.”

Zaslav didn’t seem to know what to say and didn’t clarify at first – but the clip immediately went viral. As one would expect.

Take a look and tell us this isn’t the most awkward thing you’ve ever seen.

In response to the interview, the Discovery PR team came to his rescue and claimed that Zaslav often uses the phrase “the left” or “the right” to refer to different business initiatives.

Do you believe them?