Democrat Leader Accused Of Murder To Still Get $130k Salary In Jail

( )- According to rumors, the Democrat official accused of killing a journalist would continue to get paid while he is held in custody in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Las Vegas Review-Jeff Journal’s German was stabbed to death, and according to sources from the New York Post, Clark County Public Administrator Robert Telles was detained and charged with murder last week.

German was 69 years old and found dead outside his home on September 3. Officials claimed that Telles had self-inflicted stab wounds when he was taken to jail; however, there was no physical evidence to substantiate this assertion. German had written investigative reports for Telles that exposed wrongdoing.

Tick Segerblom, a commissioner for Clark County, was cited as saying on Friday that for the time being, he is still an elected person, and “he’ll get paid while he’s in jail.”

While Segerblom acknowledged that “we can take his duties away, but as far as him holding the title and collecting the pay, it is that way since the voters picked him.

He said they could take away the scope of his tasks.

Telles earned $130,000 annually.
On video from Wednesday, a reporter can be seen arguing with Telles outside of his house.

“Have you been doing this? Have you been involved in this murder? Did you do this?”

She questioned him as he opened the garage door and went inside. He ignored all of the questions. He was dressed in a white jumpsuit given to him by the police, who confiscated his clothes as evidence.

The DNA of the Democratic official was found at the scene where German was killed.

“During a news conference, the police stated that Telles’ DNA was discovered at the murder scene of German, and as a result, they have charged him with the fatal stabbing,” the report reads. The police reportedly said they also found a cap and a pair of bloodied sneakers that Telles had been wearing at the time of the murder.

In the interim, the county’s authorities have taken action against Telles by, among other things, denying him access to the county’s resources.