Democrat Lawmaker Arrested At Capitol

( )- Democrat lawmakers decided to protest outside the US Capitol to urge Congress to pass the “For the People Act.” Do Democrat lawmakers not understand that they’re in the Congress? Why on earth are they protesting themselves?

In the process of staging a protest against the legislative body he works for, Texas Congressman Al Green (the one who looks like a caveman, not the singer) got himself “arrested” by the police.

Green, along with one of the Texas flee-baggers and an NAACP leader decided to protest outside of both the Capitol building (which is apparently no longer considered “insurrection”) as well as the Supreme Court in support of “voting rights.”

Whom they were protesting is unclear.

The dopes gathered together in the middle of a crosswalk, holding hands over their hearts and singing “We Shall Overcome” because apparently it’s still 1965.

Two US Capitol Police officers approached Green and Texas flee-bagger Ron Reynolds and put some kind of plastic wrist band on them then led them away.

Green was so proud of getting led away by police for obstructing traffic while singing badly that he tweeted video of it with the absurd hashtags #GoodTrouble and #NecessaryTrouble.

Really, it isn’t so much “trouble” as “inconvenient showboating.” But that would’ve made for a really long hashtag.

Green then tweeted that he was proud to fight for voting rights …

By blocking traffic and singing “We Shall Overcome?” How exactly is that “fighting” for voting rights? Green isn’t fighting anything; he’s showboating for retweets.

Of course his Twitter followers loved it, expressing outrage that the US Capitol Police dared to arrest two men for blocking traffic. Apparently all the love these guys had for the US Capitol Police over what happened on January 6 dries up pretty fast when it’s a Democrat they’re “arresting.”

Green was charged with “crowding and obstructing,” and fined $50. He was then free to go on his merry way — unlike the guys arrested for trespassing on January 6 who, seven months later, remain in jail awaiting their pretrial hearings.

Green is the fourth member of the Congressional Black Caucus to get detained and released by Capitol Police in the last few weeks while “protesting” for voting rights. Texas Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, Georgia Congressman Hank “Guam could tip over” Johnson, and Ohio Congresswoman Joyce Beatty have also been “arrested.”