Democrat Congressman Gets Diagnosed

( )- As the Omicron variant of COVID-19 continues to sweep across the United States, more and more vaccinated people are falling victim to the infection.

One of the latest high-profile examples of these “breakthrough” infections is Illinois Democratic Rep. Bobby Rush who confirmed on Twitter on Monday that he tested positive.

Rush is not only vaccinated against COVID-19, but has also received the booster shot.

“Today, after being notified of a recent exposure, I tested positive with a breakthrough case of COVID-19,” he wrote.

He then went on to do exactly the same thing that Senator Elizabeth Warren did – and thank the fact that he has the vaccine.

“Fortunately, I am fully vaccinated and recently received my booster shot,” he said.

What about getting COVID-19 after receiving the booster shot is “fortunate”? Isn’t that the opposite of fortunate?

When Senator Warren became infected with COVID-19, she said that she was thankful to have received the vaccine and then called on other people to go out and get it – after admitting that it didn’t prevent her from being infected.

None of this makes any sense.

The infection comes as the number of people being diagnosed with COVID-19 in Illinois increases significantly, with the rate of new infections reaching roughly the same numbers as in the early days of the pandemic.