Democrat Candidate Voted Against Use Of “In God We Trust”

( )- Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake faced harsh criticism after hyping alleged dirt on her Democrat challenger that failed to pan out.

In a video posted last week, Lake claimed that if Democrat Katie Hobbs wins in November, kindergartners “wouldn’t learn the Pledge of Allegiance.” She accused Hobbs of voting to block the pledge, the national anthem, the Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence from being taught in schools.

Only, Lake’s accusation was wildly exaggerated.

According to Wes Gullett, the former chief of staff to former Republican Governor Fife Symington, the bill Lake hammered Hobbs for voting against would have only added the words “Ditat Deus,” or “Good Enriches” and the phrase “In God We Trust” to things that could be taught, read, and posted in classrooms.

Gullett told the Arizona Republic that voting against that bill was not voting against the pledge or the national anthem or any of that.

Gullett criticized Lake for failing to understand the bill, explaining that one qualification of a governor is being able to read and understand the bills.

Lake, however, refused to concede that she overstated her accusation. Instead, she incorrectly cited two other bills Hobbs allegedly voted against that supported her argument. However, neither of those bills said anything about the Pledge of Allegiance being taught in schools.

Joe Wolf, a spokesman for the Hobbs campaign told the Arizona Republic that Kari Lake’s allegations “demonstrated how unserious” a candidate she is. He blasted Lake for not reading the bills, adding that a governor is “probably going to have to end up reading a few of the bills you’re signing.”

Lake claimed she “triple-checked” her facts before making her allegations.