Democrat Candidate Tries To Ignore Evidence Against His Church

( )- Georgia Democratic senator Raphael Warnock refuted Friday that his church seeks to remove chronically homeless people, calling them “false allegations” and an effort to “sully Ebenezer Baptist Church.” Two days before, his church’s apartment complex initiated eviction procedures against three more individuals who owed as little as $115 in rent.

Columbia Tower at MLK Village initiated removal procedures against three tenants on October 12, one day after the Washington Free Beacon reported that the building had filed a dozen eviction cases since the outbreak began.

Columbia Residential, the building’s administrators, has been more aggressive in its rent collection tactics and sent out a letter in September declaring it would no longer accept late fines and would initiate eviction procedures after five days of non-payment.

A resident told a Free Beacon reporter in October, “If you don’t pay your rent by the fifth, a dispossessory letter gets out that week.”

No payments are accepted beyond the fifth.

According to court documents, Columbia Tower evicted residents who were days late paying their October rent and owing as little as $115.

The documents contradict Warnock’s recent remarks denying that Columbia Tower, 99 percent owned by his church, has sought to evict anybody. Fulton County marshals evicted residents between August 2020 and February 2022.

Warnock declared during a Sunday discussion, “There have been no evictions.” Warnock said the revelation was “another example of Herschel Walker and his associates lying” and “sullying Dr. King’s church for short-term political benefit.”

MLK Village sued three residents last week, seeking “possession” of their units. One renter owed $610 and the other two owed $115 for October rent. Columbia Tower dropped four additional eviction proceedings against residents after they paid hefty court costs. The tenant whose door was drilled didn’t respond to calls for comment. Ebenezer Baptist Church controls 99 percent of the land via a network of shell businesses.

The church awarded Sen.-elect Jeff Warnock a $7,417-per-month tax-free housing allowance. Tenants claim vermin, maintenance issues, and filth afflict their residences.