Democrat Candidate Booted From The Ballot

( )- A former Iowa Democratic congresswoman who was the overwhelming favorite to be the party’s Senate candidate this November was removed from the ballot by an Iowa court late Sunday night after failing to collect the necessary signatures.

After invalidating some unlawfully obtained signatures, the judge decided Abby Finkenauer had failed to collect the requisite signatures on the primary ballot.
Iowa law requires candidates to have at least 100 signatures in 19 of the state’s counties to be on the ballot. Finkenauer had just enough signatures to make the primary ballot. However, Republicans claimed some signatures were fraudulent, putting her just short of the required number.
The Republicans only contested three signatures in two counties with either no date provided or an inconsistent date listed, voiding the signatures and bringing Finkenauer below the needed 100 signature barrier. The court agreed with them, causing many problems for the Democrats’ Senate ambitions.
Polk County district judge Scott Beattie said that the Court found no satisfaction in the outcome, but the Court’s function is to sit as a referee and administer the law without bias or passion. It is necessary to rule without regard for current political events.
Finkenauer claimed in a Monday morning statement that the signatures collected by her campaign qualified her for the ballot, calling the court’s ruling an absurd and politicized gift to Republicans. She also stated that she would appeal the decision.
Judge Beattie’s judgment overruled a state election panel’s finding that her signatures were genuine last month. Republicans said that the State Objection Panel, which consists of two Democrats and one Republican, decided incorrectly to include three undated signatures.
Finkenauer’s eligibility is scheduled to be decided by the Iowa Supreme Court, which will have to expedite the case owing to the pressing need to print and mail ballots to military and foreign voters in the coming days.