Dem Mistakenly Confirms Biden Corruption Allegation

During a congressional hearing, Democratic Representative Dan Goldman of New York was ridiculed by conservatives online, who claimed President Biden met with Hunter Biden’s business acquaintances. Goldman questioned Gary Shapley, an IRS supervisor, about his evidence that Hunter Biden informed his dad that he “may be trying to start a company or try to do something with these guys.” Shapley agreed with Goldman’s assessment but brought up the issue that it demonstrates that Joe Biden was discussing business with his son. Goldman said that Hunter Biden does try to do business, and he has that right.

Conservatives on social media saw the interaction as a veiled admission that President Biden’s claim that he didn’t know or speak about any of Hunter’s business dealings was untrue. The allegation was made in response to the president’s statement that he “never” talked to Hunter Biden about business affairs. 

Legal scholar and commentator Jonathan Turley responded to Goldman’s assertions – The available evidence demonstrates that President Biden was not familiar with the company (including its name), nor was he associated with it in any manner.

Turley said in a series of Tweets that representative Goldman “ tripped the wire” on Joe Biden. 

He said in Goldman’s attempt to be hard on the whistleblowers, to display that they provide no evidence of Joe Biden’s participation, he extracted an answer whereby the witnesses established that Biden did discuss Hunter’s business deals with the Chinese.

Turley says that Hunter Biden was trying to profit off of his connections. Joe Biden seems to have been aware of the initiative. If the emails are fake, that would be a big deal. If these allegations are accurate, it would be a massive scandal.

As in the past, U.S. citizens interested in such news have been relegated to reading about it in the foreign press or on a few domestic websites.

The coverup for the Bidens continues.