Dem Leader Claims Jewish Caucus Will ‘End’ Party

As a result of their affiliation, the North Carolina Democratic Jewish Caucus (NCDJC) has been accused by Ryan Jenkins, chairman of North Carolina’s progressive Democrat caucus, of “ending” the party.

With 17 votes against, 16 in favor, and 17 abstentions, the NCDJC was rejected as an affiliate of the state’s Democratic Party last week.

“They are threatening the ones who voted to abstain or targeting every single person who either didn’t come,” Jenkins said of the NCDJC members. He said that if the Jewish Caucus decides to connect with the NCDP, many progressive caucus members would be opposed to it and may not vote in 2024.

According to Jenkins, the Democratic Party will end if it gives in to this pressure. He insisted that the Jewish Caucus’ regulations do not apply since the organization is Zionist. The unsuccessful vote prompted several Jewish caucus members to send an email to their supporters with the subject line “North Carolina Democratic Party to Jews – Drop Dead!” In the message, they claimed that the meeting had been taken over by groups they criticized as anti-Jewish.

Reacting to Jenkin’s remarks, Tommy Mattocks, a spokesman for the North Carolina Democratic Party, set the party’s position apart, saying that Democrats in the state are “one big tent” with shared ideals and that they would work to have the Jewish Caucus recognized by the NCDP. Additionally, he recognized that antisemitism has grown in the United States since the terrorist assaults by Hamas on October 7. He also said that pro-Palestinian demonstrators have shared films online in which they deface posters of Israeli captives.

Following reports of Jewish students and staff devastated by a torrent of physical violence, threats, intimidation, hate speech, and more, the California Legislative Jewish Caucus demanded on Tuesday that the UC and CSU administration take urgent steps to assist in safeguarding students.

The Jewish group also brought up a professor who was recently charged with threatening Zionist journalists online.