Delta To Offer Incredible Views Of April 8 Solar Eclipse

On April 8, Delta Airlines will provide many flights that offer a view of the complete solar eclipse. One of these flights is precisely engineered to go along the path of totality.

On an Airbus A220-300, a plane with extra-large windows, tickets for the specially scheduled trip from Austin to Detroit at 12:15 p.m. are now on sale via Delta. According to the airline, the trip was planned to provide customers with the finest opportunity to observe the eclipse from an airplane.

The lead meteorologist for Delta Air Lines, Warren Weston, has predicted that the complete eclipse across North America will not occur again until 2044. The path of this eclipse is about twice as broad as that of the 2017 eclipse, and its duration is over twice as long.

According to Eric Beck, Managing Director of Domestic Network Planning, the flight exemplifies the close teamwork that Delta is known for. The company-wide teams have worked tirelessly to make clients’ dreams of seeing a complete eclipse from above a reality.

On April 8, passengers flying with Delta will get the chance to see the eclipse on five other itineraries, so they don’t have to miss out on this unique journey.

San Antonio, Texas, Little Rock, Arkansas, and many more places are inside the line of totality, so anyone who would like to see the solar event from a ground perspective may do so via Delta.

In related news, Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz demanded to know why Delta CEO Ed Bastion is flying illegal immigrants across the nation in a letter he addressed to Bastion last December.  Congress was interested in learning if Delta was collaborating with an NGO and/or the Biden Administration to help illegal immigrants enter the United States.

Ashley St. Clair, a citizen journalist, raised awareness of the issue when she posted footage of hundreds of illegal immigrants at the Phoenix airport on social media.

The number of illegal immigrants who could be aboard during the Eclipse flights remains unknown.