Davos Speaker Wants Less “Growth”

(RoyalPatriot.com )- In a discussion on Tuesday at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland, one of the panelists stated that to combat climate change, the world does not want “growth or development.”

Nicole Keller, general director of GreenUp, a Swiss non-governmental organization promoting a “resource-light” lifestyle, said, “I feel that we were talking about work development. I think indeed we don’t need, like, growth or development.” “In many ways, I believe less is more.”

On the second day of the World Economic Forum (WEF), which will continue until Friday, there was a panel discussion titled “Protecting the Climate Vulnerable.” Helen Gualinga, who is a member of the Indigenous Youth Collective of Amazon Defenders; Jade Hameister, who is a member of the Villars Institute; Alan Dangour, who is a member of the Wellcome Trust; and Omid Nouripour, who is a member of Alliance 90/The Greens; are some of the other panelists.

It was advertised as an opportunity for world leaders to hear “the voices of our global adolescents” and learn how they might “promote justice and provide help to areas most affected by the climate issue.”

One day before Keller’s comments, Bastien Girod of the Swiss National Council, the lower chamber of the Swiss legislature, promoted the concept of cities where people could live a “sustainable lifestyle in harmony with nature, the easiest way to go.” Keller’s comments came one day after Girod’s statement.

Girod also lauded President Joe Biden for suggesting that the federal government conducts its business only with corporations actively working to fulfill the commitments made in the Paris Climate Agreement.

According to Nouripour, the bottom line is that we must save this planet to “save our freedom and the manner that we are living.” “And I don’t think we’re good enough yet. We have to work on getting better.”