Dan Crenshaw Apologizes For Calling MAGA Leaders “Terrorists”

(RoyalPatriot.com )- On Sunday, Republican Texas congressman Dan Crenshaw backtracked on his earlier claims that the McCarthy holdouts were terrorists.

Reports show twenty so-called ‘rebels’ inside the Republican Party disobeyed party leadership last week by refusing to support the elitist McCarthy for Speaker of the House.

McCarthy eventually won the vote for speaker after 15 rounds.

It wasn’t until late Friday night/early Saturday morning that McCarthy received support from the Republican rebels, who had demanded something of him earlier.

According to reports, on Wednesday, after McCarthy failed to capture the leadership position again in the sixth round, Dan Crenshaw labeled the GOP holdouts as “terrorists.”

Crenshaw spoke to the Guy Benson program and said the GOP holdouts backed the rest into a corner.  He said the Republicans on his side wouldn’t vote for anyone except McCarthy and couldn’t afford to give the ‘terrorists’ a victory. This is essentially his case. Crenshaw then excused himself from the broadcast.

Video reports show that on Sunday’s episode of CNN’s “State of the Union,” Crenshaw ‘apologized.’

He said emotions ran high, and words flew. Crenshaw told CNN’s Jake Tapper that it was very obvious that it was meant as a turn of a phrase that some people may have seen as a sign of disrespect.

He said that if his colleagues were hurt by what he said, he was very sorry. He hoped it didn’t come across that he thought they were terrorists. Crenshaw remarked that the term certainly reflected their intransigent negotiating style.