Daily Wire Hit By Cyberattack As Hackers Target Conservative Leaning News

(RoyalPatriot.com )- During the world premiere of “What is a Woman?” The Daily Wire was subjected to a persistent DDoS attack that was designed to prevent people from viewing the highly anticipated film.

Jeremy Boreing, Co-CEO of The Daily Wire, stated on social media they had confirmed that Daily Wire underwent a substantial and continuous DDoS attack aimed to interrupt the World Premiere of “What Is A Woman?”

A distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack is a form of coordinated malicious activity that aims to bring a targeted server to a halt by flooding it with massive amounts of bot traffic. Extremely high volumes of traffic deplete the server’s resources, making it impossible for genuine people to access it.

A million requests per minute overwhelmed the system, causing problems for many viewers. They worked to address the challenges in real-time. Boering claimed the premiere had more viewers than any stream in their site’s history, even with the interference.

Reports show the attack began immediately after the start of the Daily Wire’s Backstage live stream, before the premiere. It included Daily Wire hosts discussing the film’s development and purpose. Due to the malicious attack, many viewers had trouble viewing the live stream.

The event was the most-watched live stream in Daily Wire history despite the issues. The organization attracted more paid members than on any other day since its inception, as enthusiastic viewers overcame the obstacles to see the feature documentary.

According to reports, “What Is A Woman?” featured Matt Walsh of The Daily Wire interviewing everyday folks, medical specialists, and even African tribesmen in order to find answers to a question that has riled many progressives.

In the film, Walsh spoke with some of the country’s most outspoken proponents of radical gender theory to hear their arguments and make their case. But when asked to justify Orwellian statements that natural sex and biology have no bearing on a person’s identity, they dodged the subject and accused Walsh of harboring “hateful” views.

The film touches on everything from sex-change operations performed on children to male criminals who pose as women in order to assault women and children.