D.C. Will Funnel Donald Trump’s Settlement Payments To “Woke” Groups

(RoyalPatriot.com )- The District of Columbia will leverage a $750,000 settlement from the Trump Organization and former President Donald Trump’s inauguration committee to enrich the coffers of far-left non-profits.

The District of Columbia Attorney General, Karl Racine (D.), announced that the nonprofit organizations Mikva Challenge DC and DC Action would each receive $375,000 in settlement funds.

According to the organization’s website, DC Action employs a racial equality lens to tear down barriers. The website promotes a list of antiracist principles. It asserts that “structural racism” prevents the economic opportunity for Black and brown children, youth, and their families. It argues for lowering the voting age and making D.C. a state. It advocates for a minimum-wage increase and calls for the government to provide housing to every D.C. resident.

The National Action Network maintains the website.

Even though Mikva Challenge claims to be nonpartisan, it focuses on issues of identity, equity, justice, fairness, and change. Its 2021 annual report is chock-full of left-wing talking points on topics such as “income inequality,” “abortion rights,” and “the spread of misinformation.”

Abner Mikva, a former Democratic congressman and White House attorney under President Bill Clinton, formed the organization. The AFL-CIO and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation are among the organizations that have sponsored the event.

Racine filed a lawsuit against Trump’s corporation and inauguration committee in 2017 for inappropriately throwing a private party at the Trump International Hotel and paying an excessive amount for event space, Racine also alleged that the Trump Organization misappropriated $1.1 million, but a judge in the District of Columbia Superior Court dismissed that allegation.

According to inaugural committee attorney Lee Blalack, Racine’s accusations were “baseless,” and his client agreed to a settlement to avoid legal costs. Regardless of whether the matter went to trial, Blalack believes the committee and the Trump Organization would have prevailed against the allegations based on the facts.