D.C. Loosens Indoor Mask Requirements

(RoyalPatriot.com )- Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser loosened the city’s mask mandate effective Monday, November 22. DC shifted from a one-size-fits-all indoor mask mandate to one based on what the Mayor described as “risk-based guidance.”

When announcing the changes, Mayor Bowser urged people to continue wearing masks but explained that the city was recommending “layering strategies” to better protect the community.

While it was promoted as an end to indoor masking, in reality, DC will still require people to wear masks on public transportation, within train stations and airports, in schools, childcare facilities, and libraries. People will still have to wear masks in nursing homes, shelters, dorms, and jails. Government buildings, specifically those with a lot of interaction with the public will also have to maintain indoor mask requirements.

The only difference is the government will no longer require private businesses or churches to impose a mask mandate. Instead, indoor masking will be voluntary only.

But even that minor change in the indoor mask mandate was too much for the sainted Anthony Fauci. On Monday, Fauci appeared on NPR’s Morning Edition to gripe about DC loosening the mask requirements.

Fauci said Mayor Bowser’s move “adds an extra degree of risk” just as the country is seeing a surge in cases and hospitalizations heading into the winter season. Fauci added that when you have that kind of dynamic, “you really gotta be careful.”

Fauci assured NPR that masks won’t be around forever. Once more people are getting vaccinated and “boosted,” the lower the risk for a community will be. Only then, he explained, should mask mandates be rolled back. “But you don’t want to do it prematurely.”

Over the weekend, the news media kicked up their COVID panic porn again due to the discovery of another COVID variant, this time out of South Africa, called Omicron. Even though doctors in South Africa say those suffering from the Omicron variant have much milder symptoms, the media didn’t let that stop them from ginning up another round of fearmongering.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul suspended all elective surgeries at New York hospitals to prepare for a surge in hospitalizations from the milder Omicron variant. President Biden announced that he would be instituting a travel ban on several African countries beginning on Monday.

With the increased panic, don’t expect Mayor Bowser’s loosened mask mandate to stay loosened for long.