Cruz Tells AOC To Go Cry In Front Of Biden’s Cages

( )- Republican Senator for Texas Ted Cruz tore into far-left Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez during an interview with Fox News on Wednesday, telling her to go and cry in front of President Joe Biden’s cages full of children and illegal aliens.

During the interview, he challenged Vice President Kamala Harris, President Joe Biden, and AOC to come on down to the cages in Texas, which are now “bigger and more full” than they were under the Trump administration. He noted the famous photographs of AOC pretending to cry outside of the “cages” of illegal aliens during the Trump administration, which she used as part of a smear campaign about President Trump running “concentration camps.”

“Let’s see AOC cry in front of the Biden cages,” he said, before challenging White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki to insist that there is no border crisis as she stands in front of the cages.

Court filings in Washington recently revealed that the Department of Homeland Security is preparing for as many as 400,000 illegal aliens to cross the border in October, which is almost double the number of aliens apprehended in July of this year. The filings come from a court case that decided the Biden administration could uphold President Donald Trump’s “Remain In Mexico” policy that allows border officials to immediately expel aliens into Mexico upon arrival into the United States.

Ted Cruz recently visited the border at the Del Rio Bridge, which recently saw tens of thousands of illegal immigrants from Haiti gather and set up camps. He called on other officials to come to the region and do the same, and see the border crisis unfold in real-time.

Very little has been done by the Biden administration and White House officials have so far refused to even admit that there is a crisis.

If AOC came this time, she wouldn’t see the empty parking lot that made her cry last time. She’s see huge numbers of illegal aliens stuck in cages as border patrol officials struggle to deport them and process them.

Wouldn’t it be more humane if the Democrats stopped encouraging people to come and break the law?