Crowd Boos Trump Telling People To Get Vaccines Despite Fact He Had It Developed

( )- Former President Donald Trump is in a tough position when it comes to the vaccine.

It was thanks to Trump’s Operation Warp Speed that the COVID-19 vaccine was developed in record time, and it was thanks to this tiresome work as president to encourage private industry to innovate that it was delivered to the American people so quickly. Trump is so convinced that the vaccine is safe and effective that he received the shot even after recovering naturally from COVID-19 – and yet, he still got booed over it during a speech in Alabama over the weekend.

During his speech, the president told the crowd that he believes how important it is for the American people to have their freedoms and to have a choice between taking the vaccine or not. He made that very clear – but he also made it clear that he believes in the vaccine.

“I believe totally in your freedoms,” he said. “But I recommend…take the vaccines.”

Some of the crowd booed, and the media hasn’t stopped talking about it since.

You can see what happened in the clip below:

Despite the fact that the vast majority of the crowd was happy to hear the president support their freedom to choose, the media relentlessly obsessed with the fact that Trump’s supporters don’t like the idea of taking the vaccine. And they ignored the fact that the president recognized they are free not to want it.

It’s a sign that former President Donald Trump is willing to stand up for his principles even if it makes some of his supporters dislike what he has to say – something the media would never have admitted before.

It’s also a good indication that there is simply nothing that the government can do to convince everybody…and that the Biden administration should probably give up on its dream of vaccinating almost every single American in the country.

It won’t happen.