Court Ruling Becomes Huge Win For Ron DeSantis

( )- Popular Republican Governor of Florida was handed yet another victory in his fight to free the cruise industry from the grips of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, after a U.S. appeals court reversed its decision and allowed the ruling of a lower court to stand. The ruling prevents the CDC from enforcing various restrictive COVID-19 rules on Florida’s cruise ships, meaning both vaccinated and unvaccinated people will be able to enjoy their summer vacations.

Reuters reported that Atlanta’s 11th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in a 2-1 vote to allow the lower court’s order to stand, after previously ruling to block the order on Saturday.

Legal analyst Steven Vladeck said that the decision was “odd.”

He described how the 11th Circuit reversed its decision entirely on its own, putting into place a previous district court injunction after Florida asked the Supreme Court to reverse the decision from the Court of Appeals.

Perhaps the 11th Circuit knew that if this went to the Supreme Court the decision would be made for them.

It is kind of strange…but it’s great news for Florida.

It means that the cruise industry will not be crippled for very much longer, with guests allowed to choose whether or not they wish to wear a mask, and enjoy their vacations even if they are uncomfortable with the idea of taking the vaccine.

Governor DeSantis warned that Florida could lose yet another summer cruise season if something isn’t done soon, arguing in a filing that tens of millions of dollars in port revenue and taxes were at risk.

Thankfully, the court saw sense!