Couple Accused of Multiple Pickpocketing Thefts Arrested in Nashville

Following their arrest in Nashville, a pair accused of engaging in professional pickpocketing has been taken off the streets.

Metro Nashville police announced on Saturday morning that investigators had been trying to identify a pair from Houston for weeks. The pair are thought to have been engaged in many thefts at downtown Nashville pubs over the last couple of months.

When the bouncers at Jason Aldean’s pub saw the two individuals inside the dive bar, they contacted the authorities. The four stolen mobile phones and two wallets found in the female’s handbag were allegedly taken from patrons of Aldean’s and Kid Rock’s establishments.

According to the police, Miledis Gomez Fonseca, 30, and Andy Alberti Diaz, 40, used credit cards acquired from stolen wallets illegally to shop at Middle Tennessee establishments. 

Fonseca and Diaz, both from Houston, were apprehended by security at Jason Aldean’s Kitchen + Rooftop Bar on Broadway at around 1:30 in the morning. The individuals were subsequently reported to the Metro Nashville Police Department’s Entertainment District Unit.

After being seen “engaging in thefts” on several surveillance systems, Central Precinct detectives have been trying to identify the pair for weeks, according to authorities. 

Reports indicate that Gomez Fonseca admitted to stealing the wallets and mobile phones from customers at the two pubs the night before during an interview on May 25. Since then, the police have reportedly returned the two wallets and three phones to their respective owners.

Fonseca and Diaz are currently being held in the Downtown Detention Center on $55,000 bonds. They are each charged with two misdemeanor counts of theft of property worth $1,000 or less and one felony count of theft of property worth more than $2,500 but less than $10,000, according to the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office.

As the investigation progresses, authorities have said that further charges are anticipated against the pair.