Country Concert Turns Into Shouts Of “Let’s Go Brandon”

( )- By now you’ve probably heard the “Let’s Go Brandon” chant. The Democrats are presumably hoping that it will eventually go away and that the American people will stop publicly expressing their anger at President Joe Biden’s very serious failings so far. But that isn’t happening.

On Thursday, footage of the chant breaking out at a Chris Stapleton concert went viral online. The country singer was performing in Orlando, Florida, as part of an ongoing tour named the “All-American Road Show.”

The chant originally took the form of “F*ck Joe Biden” and was widely heard at college sports games, but after pro-Trump crowds could be heard chanting it at a NASCAR event, a reporter misheard it as “Let’s Go, Brandon!” after Brandon Brown won the NASCAR Xfinity Series for the first time.

Now, everybody knows what “Let’s Go Brandon!” really means, and it is widely used as a chant at political events…and apparently even concerts.

You can see it happening in the clip below:

That’s a lot of people who aren’t happy with President Joe Biden. And it’s reflected in the polls, too.

Earlier this month, Joe Biden’s approval ratings slipped to a record low. Only 38% of Americans said that they support the president and believe he is doing a good job, according to a USA TODAY/Suffolk poll.

They can’t hide it anymore.

The people don’t like President Joe Biden and don’t think he’s doing a good job – and yet the Democrats still believe he actually won the 2020 presidential election fair and square.

Do you?