Coronavirus Task Force May Be Disbanded Soon, Though Their Work Won’t Stop

(TheLibertyRevolution.Com)- The White House coronavirus task force, which has become such a central and public group during the COVID-19 pandemic, may be disbanded by the unofficial start to summer.
Vice President Mike Pence, who leads the task force, said it may be disbanded by Memorial Day because “of the tremendous progress we’ve made as a country.”
He said the administration was “starting to look at the Memorial Day window, early June window as a time when we could begin to transition back to having our agencies begin to manage … our national response in a more traditional manner.”
On Tuesday, Pence told reporters:
“I think we’re having conversations about … what the proper time is for the task force to complete its work and for the ongoing efforts to take place on an agency-by-agency level. And we’ve already begun to talk about a transition plan with FEMA. But it’s — it really is all a reflection of the tremendous progress we’ve made as a country.
“The president stood up to the White House Coronavirus Task Force to mashal — in January — a national response. And as I’ve said before, as we continue to practice social distancing and states engage in safe and responsible re-opening plans, I truly believe — and the trend lines support it — that we could be in a very different place.”
Task force members have become prominent faces during the pandemic, including Dr. Deborah Birx, the coronavirus response coordinator, and Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.
Led by Pence, the task force has coordinated with medical institutes, state governors and political staff, and has reported directly to President Donald Trump. The group also worked with medical experts to create the guidelines on social distancing and re-opening the country.
Even as the task force seems to be winding down on its job, though, that doesn’t mean these prominent figures will be going away or that their work is completely done. Kayleigh McEnany, the White House press secretary, tweeted on Tuesday:
“Reporting on the task force is being misconstrued to suggest the White House is no longer involving medical experts. This is totally false. President Trump will continue his data-driven approach towards safely re-opening.”
The doctors and other key members of the task force will continue to meet frequently, but probably not every day. The group’s focus going forward will be on testing, vaccines and therapeutics, while at the same time helping the administration work toward re-opening the economy.
The task force released guidance on how states could re-open their economies, and when they should, a few weeks ago. Some states have decided to go against those guidelines and suggestions, though, and open back up against the recommendations of many in the medical community. This has led many to fear that a resurgence of the coronavirus could occur in the fall, winter or beyond. In total, 43 states will have at least partially re-opened by this weekend.