Conservative Icon Dead At 74

( )- Olavo de Carvalho, a far-right Brazilian pundit and self-described “philosopher” who became President Jair Bolsonaro’s political guru died on Monday outside of Richmond Virginia at the age of 74.

Nine days before his death, a social media account connected to Carvalho announced that he was diagnosed with COVID. And because he has consistently criticized the COVID response from governments, the media was quick to seize on his diagnosis.

However, his family has not disclosed Carvalho’s cause of death and he had reportedly been struggling with multiple health problems for months.

Calling Carvalho “one of the greatest thinkers” in the history of Brazil, President Bolsonaro said in a statement that Carvalho was a “giant in the fight for freedom.” He declared a national day of mourning and ordered government buildings to lower their flags to half-staff.

In the last decade, Carvalho had become one of Brazil’s far-right movement’s most prominent voices.

On the right, Carvahlo was hailed as a truth-teller who warned against the dangers of socialism and globalism. Naturally, the left hated him, accusing him of being a conspiracy theorist who spread lies and misinformation.

Carvahlo’s influence expanded after he designed an online philosophy course combatting the rise of cultural Marxism. Tens of thousands of Brazilians, including some who later joined the government, enrolled in his online course.

Some in Brazil have compared Carvalho to Steve Bannon who once called the Brazilian “one of the greatest conservative intellectuals in the world.” During President Bolsonaro’s first visit to the US, he hosted a dinner at the Brazilian ambassador’s residence where he sat Carvahlo on his right and Steve Bannon on his left.

According to Brazil’s former foreign minister, Ernesto Araújo, Olavo de Carvalho helped to create “a conservative right based on ideas and not on immediate political convenience.”

Carvalho remained a prominent voice in Brazil, attracting attention in part because his commentary tended to include some fringe and bizarre conspiracy theories, like claiming that Pepsi flavored its cola with aborted fetuses.

Sounds as if Carvalho is more like Alex Jones than Steve Bannon.

He is survived by his wife, Roxane along with eight children and 18 grandchildren.