Congresswoman’s Sudden Death Is A Disaster For The GOP

( )- People around the country have been mourning the sudden passing of Republican Representative Jackie Walorski since she was killed in a car crash back on August 3.

According to eyewitness accounts and video footage that has since been released, Walorski was killed when her vehicle — which was driven by Zachery Potts, her district director — crossed the centerline and collided head-on with another vehicle. The driver of that other vehicle, Edith Schmucker, was also killed.

As is necessary in politics, life is moving on, with eyes being set on who will now be elected to replace Walorski in the House from Indiana. She represented her 2nd congressional district since back in 2012, winning election five times in a row.

Back in 2020, she earned an impressive 61.5% of the total vote, and had been considered a conservative stalwart for Indiana.

Eric Holcomb, the governor of Indiana, was forced to sign an executive order that would authorize a special election to be held to choose the replacement for Walorski. Whoever is elected will occupy her seat for the remainder of the term, which is set to expire on January 3, 2023.

Fox59’s Jacob Burbrink described how the process will go:

“A caucus of committee members called by the state chair for each major party will determine who will be nominated for the election. They have until August 26 to make their decisions. Candidates can file a declaration of candidacy with the Indiana Election Division and the chair of the party caucus if they want to run.”

Walorski is going to be a tough person to replace. Outside of her work in Congress, her reach extended beyond the U.S. borders.

According to The Associated Press, Walorski worked with her husband in Romania as a Christian missionary. She also served as the director of a local Indiana humane society.

As Kevin McCarthy, the minority leader in the House, said about her:

“Tell you the truth, Jackie never had a job. She always had a purpose and a mission.”

Walorski was consistently relied on as a conservative voice in the House. Heritage Action for America, a group that ranks conservatism, gave Walorski a 72% score based on her voting record. Moderate Republicans such as Utah’s Mitt Romney scored a 58%, while ultra-conservatives such as Florida’s Marco Rubio scored a 98%.

While her score put her more in line with moderates, the Republican Party could always rely on Walorski when they needed her. She voted to repeal Obamacare, advocated for Social Security being privatized, and voted in favor of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017.

On many occasions, she supported bans that former President Donald Trump put in place for residents from Muslim countries, she consistently voted against the legalization of marijuana.

Now, the voters of Indiana will be selecting her replacement, which throws into question how much support conservatives will have from whoever takes her place.