Congresswoman Mocks Joe Biden With “I Identify” Tweet

( )- On Thursday, Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert upset the Angry Trans Mob for tweeting, “I identify as non-Bidenary.”

And for this joke, Boebert was called a “TERF” and accused of “transphobia” by the same thin-skinned lunatics that call J.K. Rowling a “TERF” and accuse her of “transphobia.”

Boebert’s joke isn’t even directed at them; it’s directed at Joe Biden.

But since the Trans Mob identifies as humorless, they couldn’t see that.

Honestly, has there ever been a more sensitive crowd of humorless crybabies than the Trans Mob?

Just a couple of weeks ago, these same humorless scolds launched went after British singer Adele for having the audacity to say she loves being a woman when accepting the award for “Artist of the Year” at the recent Brit Awards.

The Brit Awards got rid of the “Best Male Artist” and “Best Female Artist” categories and created the new “Artist of the Year” category to be more “gender-neutral.”

But in her acceptance speech, Adele said she understood why the category was changed but admitted “I really love being a woman and being a female artist.”

The perpetually-angry Trans Outrage Mob flew into a tizzy, accusing Adele of being (guess what) a “TERF” and a “transphobe” and calling on everyone to boycott her music.

One Twitter user even claimed that Adele saying “I really love being a woman” is tantamount to calling “for the destruction of the trans community.”

If they’ll target liberal women like J.K. Rowling and Adele, Lauren Boebert’s “I identify as non-Bidenary” was bound to make them lose their minds. It’s Boebert – a “right-wing” “gun-nut” who also made fun of Ilhan Omar.

An angry response from the Trans Mob was baked in the instant Boebert hit the “TWEET” button.