Congressman’s Watch Causes Controversy As Media Says It’s A Fake

( )- Ever since setting foot in the Capitol, Congressman George “Serial Liar” Santos has been dogged by reporters eager to grill him about the mountain of lies he told during the 2022 midterm election.

From the way they were behaving, you’d think these reporters never met a politician who lied to get elected.

Last week, the media went into full “Stop the Presses” mode over the watch Santos wore on his first day in Congress.

Yeah, really.

Even Forbes got into the act.

You see, Santos was photographed wearing what appeared to be a $7,800 stainless steel Cartier Santos watch.

But was it?

In its crack reporting, Forbes pointed out that if the watch is as fake as everything else about George Santos, it’s probably just a $150 knockoff.

The even outlet consulted an “expert in luxury watches” who was kind enough to “independently” identify the timepiece worn by Santos. But the expert “cautioned that it is impossible to be sure of the type of watch – let alone its authenticity – from the photos.”

According to Forbes, Santos didn’t respond to their requests for comment and his office phone “went straight to voicemail” because the mailbox was full.

Well, of course the mailbox was full. It was full of messages from idiot reporters demanding comments on their latest “scoop” about George Santos’ “timepiece.”

Forbes noted that the following day, Santos wasn’t wearing the watch that got so much media attention, opting instead for a “blue rubber strap.”

Are they sure it was rubber? Perhaps it was silicone. Or maybe plastic. Forbes should consult an expert on blue wristwear just to be sure.

Santos, along with the rest of the 118th Congress, was sworn in on Saturday morning. Since then, the usual reporters that haunt the halls of Congress have been badgering Republican lawmakers, demanding to know if they think Santos should resign his seat.

On Wednesday, ABC News congressional correspondents Lalee Ibssa and Rachel Scott chased down Congressman Santos to ask him if he would resign. Santos said he would not.