Congressman Reveals Executions Being Ordered Of Interpreters In Afghanistan

( )- Texas Congressman Michael McCaul, one of the most outspoken critics of President Biden’s disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal, told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on Monday that there are approximately ten thousand Afghan interpreters and their families who remain trapped inside Afghanistan. McCaul told Blitzer that the Taliban is not permitting these Afghan allies to leave the country, and already, they are being tracked down and executed.

The US and NATO allies evacuated over a hundred thousand Afghans during the catastrophic withdrawal, but left behind the very people the Biden Administration vowed to bring to safety.

Two weeks ago the Wall Street Journal reported that the majority of these Afghan interpreters and others who worked with the US did not make it out during the evacuations. These were the people President Biden said must be evacuated to save them from Taliban reprisals. And yet, they were left behind.

McCaul, the ranking member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, told Blitzer that he has received stories of interpreters or their families being executed by the Taliban.

On Tuesday, Congressman McCaul announced that he has hired former investigative reporter Ryan Browne to assist in the Republicans’ efforts to investigate the bungled Afghanistan withdrawal.

McCaul announced the move just one day after Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s evasive testimony before the Foreign Affairs Committee. And in his statement, McCaul expressed frustration with Blinken, saying that he provided the committee “with little to no new information.”

Urging that Congress use its Article I powers to launch “a vigorous investigation” into the debacle, McCaul said that he believes Ryan Browne’s experience as both an investigative reporter and in reporting from Afghanistan would be beneficial in gathering information on the cascade of missteps from the Administration.

McCaul told the New York Post that he would like to see Foreign Affairs Chairman Bennie Thompson (D-MS) get on board and conduct a bipartisan probe into the Afghanistan withdrawal. But if Thompson refuses, McCaul added, the Republicans are open to investigating the matter on their own.

However, since the minority party does not have subpoena power, McCaul explained, GOP lawmakers are currently looking for alternative ways to obtain critical information.