Congressman Critical of China Does Business with China

( )- Despite coming into Congress in January as a fierce critic of Communist China, freshman Texas Congressman Pat Fallon’s apparel company relies heavily on products imported from China.

Shortly after entering Congress, Fallon wrote a letter to President Biden warning him that the Democrats’ Green New Deal would make the United States more dependent on countries like China, Russia, and the Congo which have “no environmental or labor standards.”

But while he was portraying himself as a China hawk, Fallon’s company Recon Sportswear, which he owns with his wife has, in the last two decades, received 75 containers of Chinese-made baseball caps from the Yiwu Qimo Clothing Company.

According to Just the News, a review of over 100 import shipments consisting of tens of thousands of clothing items have been imported by Recon Sportswear, which is just one of the T-shirt and clothing companies owned by Fallon and his wife.

Some of the apparel imported by Recon Sportswear has been sold to US troops stationed at bases like Fort Benning and Lackland Air Force Base.

Just the News contacted Congressman Fallon who confirmed that a little over half of their company’s apparel products are imported from China. Fallon defended the practice arguing that it is the cost of working in a business dominated by cheap labor from China.

Fallon told Just the News that he stepped back from day-to-day operations in 2009 and for a few years has wanted to divest from China, but it takes time to find new sources and products.

Even after Fallon became a member of Congress, his company was still importing heavily from China.

According to the Congressman’s financial disclosure report covering his assets through December 31, 2020, Fallon owns several apparel companies and partnerships that generate millions in revenue.

However, Fallon told Just the News that he transferred control of Recon Sportswear to his wife last December, adding that he and his wife are planning on selling the company.

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